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DNa-nature's programming language

Advanced Technologies 4or Kids

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All "Advanced Technologies 4or Kids" Summer Camps (and Spring Camps where available) are STEM programs specifically designed to ignite children's curiosity when it comes to cutting edge technologies that will have a significant impact on all aspects of human life in the future.


Our exciting 2020 "DNA - Instructions For Life: Nature's Programming Language" Summer Camp is a fun way to implement that vision by empowering kids to look at the world around them with an open mind. 

Students discover basic concepts of biology and chemistry that relate to DNA and how DNA controls the development of organisms through "instructions for life". They become familiar with essential concepts like cell, DNA, gene "alphabet", and DNA strings via hands-on experiments and team projects that expand students' understanding of the "programming blocks" that make life possible.

A fun but still very scientific presentation brings to an end your children's amazing adventure in the world of cells and the "gears" that make them life's most important building blocks. Family and friends are invited to join us for this special event on the last day of the summer camp.

Bring something yummy, it's an instant party!

Offered in 2020 at various Greater Pittsburgh Area locations and many surrounding communities: Cranberry, Peters, McMurray, Sewickley, Fox Chapel, North Hills, South Hills.



Published online by January 5th, 2020

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