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Advanced Technologies 4or Kids

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A specially designed "Advanced Technologies 4or Kids" STEM Spring and Summer Camp that will transform students into powerful wizards, creating energy out of (apparently) nothing - so many ways to harness the practically unlimited power of the Universe, so little time!


In 2020, the NEW "Magic Energy" Summer Camp will keep your kids busy finding solutions to one of the most important issue that confronts mankind: clean, limitless energy.


As members of teams with important "power missions", children acquire basic concepts related to energy and energy "creation". Using gravitational towers, Lego motors as generators, water, fans, doors, rechargeable batteries, LEDs, sunlight and solar cells, and even their own bodies, they will discover amazing facts about the relatively infinite energy that sustains life and makes planets spin.


A 10-minute short but fun "Magic Energy Party", along with a more serious technical demo and presentation will mark the end of our "Magic Energy" STEM Summer Camp. Students' families and friends will get VIP seats :) 


Technology has never been so fun!

Offered in 2020 at various Greater Pittsburgh Area locations and many surrounding communities: Cranberry, Peters, McMurray, Sewickley, Fox Chapel, North Hills, South Hills.


Published online by January 5th, 2020

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