pre & post camp care


Pre- and post-camp child care is available for those who register for all classes during any camp week in spring or summer.


Parents are able to drop off their children as early as 7am and pick them up as late as 7pm (depending on week/location) by purchasing enough "Time Credits" to cover the time between drop-off and start of first class and/or between end of last class and pick up time.

Each "Time Credit" covers 30 minutes of child care and costs $5. Child care credits can be purchased online anytime but no later than 24 hrs before the purchased services are needed. 

The time before and after camp covered by "Time Credits" is for supervised, unstructured play. Some toys and games will be provided. Campers are encouraged to bring their preferred books or other items/gaming devices from home to use during this time.

Students enrolled in pre- and post-camp child care must bring enough snacks to cover actual camp time plus the extra time in pre- or post-camp care.


A student registers for all classes during the summer camp week shown below and needs child care from 8:30am to the start of first class (10am) and from the end of the last class until pick up time (5pm), every day, Monday to Friday.

Drop off: 8:30am

10am-1pm      DRONE DESIGN
1pm-2:30pm   ANIMATION MOVIE
2:30pm-4pm   ROBOTICS

Pick up: 5pm

Five 30-min "Time Credits" would cover the child care needed daily (three credits in the morning, two credits in the afternoon). The total number of "Time Credits" that need to be purchased to cover the whole week is 25. 



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