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3-d printing & design

Design and Bring Virtual Objects Into The Real World!



Welcome to the future where humans design and then 3-D print their own gadgets whenever they need them, in the comfort of their homes!

The answer to what makes "3-D Printing And Design" one of the best Summer Camps in the "Advanced Technologies For Kids" series of youth science programs is simple: Kids become familiar with modern tools that let them imagine and design anything while using 3-D printers as magical ways to bring their creations into the real world. 

Learn the basics of 3-D design and printing then create (imagine, design and print out) a simple 3-D object that you can take home at the end of the week.


Colorful key-chains with a personal touch are among the most popular choices but the variety of ideas is limited only by your children's imagination during this "back-from-the-future" camp developed for boys and girls interested in exciting summer science programs.


"3-D Printing And Design" successfully combines art and technology into an unforgettable local STEAM summer camp for kids living in the Greater Pittsburgh area and its surrounding communities.


If you can imagine it, you can make it real using a 3-D printer!

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