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Make Your Own App: Cupcake Recipes, Lego Inventory & 100s More. Only Your imagination Is The Limit!



A local STEM Summer Camp that has been a hit with hundreds of Pittsburgh-area boys and girls interested in science and technology, the 2019 "Mobile App Design" youth program helps kids transform mobile devices (smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, iPad, iPhone) into powerful tools and personal entertainment consoles by teaching them the basics of app design.


Students learn how to create a mobile app starting from scratch and ending with a demo app on the mobile device of their choice. Some examples of notable apps from previous years include a collection of yummy culinary recipes, a color guide for amateur painters, and an app that maintains an inventory of student's Lego sets.


Only your children's imagination is the limit; here is the chance to start working on the next viral app that might end up being downloaded by millions of users worldwide! 


Mobile App Design For Kids STEAM Summer Camp is THE BEST! 

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