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Design, 3-D Print, Assemble And Fly Your Drone!



The out of this world "Drone Design For Kids" STEM Summer Camp combines the best parts of the "Gadget Hacking/Electronics For Kids", "Robotics For Kids", and "3-D Printing For Kids" AT4K classes into an unforgettable week of applied research in an enjoyable children's science camp format.

Pittsburgh area students use lightweight but powerful micro-motors, printed circuit boards with electronic control circuitry, 3-D printers, high-efficiency rechargeable batteries, computers, and 3D digital design tools. They create, then 3-D print strong yet lightweight mini drone frames on which high-efficiency motors are attached along with propellers, electronic circuits for on-board control, and batteries. 

Daily drone flying challenges keep children entertained and focused on getting their flying projects in top shape while the end-of-camp drone competition gives the winner the opportunity to pick one cool prize from a mini collection of out-of-ordinary flying contraptions!


Kids take home their flying mini drones along with memories of a fun and exciting local STEAM program that transforms them into young masters of science and technology. 

Voted "The Best Summer Camp Ever!" by the vast majority of kids at the end of their last day of camp.

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