BEST 2019 summer camp


Maybe the next hit game will be born during this camp!



There is no better way to get kids involved in STEM projects than asking them to come up with an idea for the next viral hit game that will make hundreds of millions of gamers around the world to download and play it. Oh, wait! There IS a better way: ask them to actually design and develop it! 

Children who attend this local "Advanced Technologies 4or Kids" summer camp start their exploration of the exciting world of video games by learning the basic game design principles and discovering what it takes to develop a best-selling game.


Once students have crystallized their own exciting game ideas they come up with catchy names, addictive game sound bits, multi-level game flow charts, and draw sketches of game characters  and of game screens at various game states.


Using various game design tools (HTML5 with Canvas, MIT's Scratch platform, Javascript, Python, and more), our young game developers implement their ideas into fully functional video games that can be played by anyone, anywhere in the world - even after the "best summer camp ever" (that's how most kids rate it on the last day) has ended!


Kids are encouraged to use what they have learned during the camp to create more mind blowing video games later, in school or at home. 

It all ends with a super fun Video Game Festival where children rate each other's projects in order to decide which one is the week's most popular video game!


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