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Learn Electronics Then Perform "Surgery" On Gadgets!



If your children are always curious about how toys work then this unique STEM summer camp will make them happy: they will quickly learn the basic notions of low-voltage electronics then will perform "surgery" (a more palatable word for "hacking") on various gadgets in order to use them for a different purpose than the one they were designed for.

Kids will gain hands-on experience with real electronic parts, batteries, switches, LEDs, lamps, transistors, batteries, measuring voltages, electromagnets, solenoids, testers and measuring instruments and will enjoy an exciting time assembling simple electronic circuits that move, shake, light up, and make sounds. 

Among all STEM programs, this summer camp offers the most opportunities for kids to get in touch with modern technology from the ground up. Learning why batteries must be installed in a certain way, understanding how LEDs help reduce energy consumption, being able to connect wires, motors, and batteries in order to create a working circuit, changing the way a gadget works by opening it up and modifying its inner circuits  are just a few of the discoveries students will make on their journey through the amazing world of electronics.

It's not magic, it's electronics!

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