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Become a wizard of light, rainbows, and holograms!



This super fun STEM summer camp is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for local Pittsburgh kids to learn the basic concepts of Optics and become familiar with exciting light manipulation techniques.


Using curiously-shaped lenses, flashlights, laser LEDs, dark boxes, mirrors, pinholes, tubes, and special glasses, children design experiments that explore a wide array of light-related issues, from understanding what a photon is to the miracle of the rainbow effect. Of course, all of that is being done with a single purpose in mind: creating something as close as possible to a real hologram!

This "Advanced Technologies For Kids" summer camp is one of the best STEM programs that takes students on an exploratory journey into the world of light and optical wonders.


Wanna make impossible possible? Catch the light rays!



  • Ages 7-12

  • No previous experience necessary.

  • Beginner and intermediate levels. Students are evaluated on first day of camp then are assigned projects matching their experience, skills, and interest.

  • Monday to Friday, five daily 1.5 hr. sessions

  • Save at least $300 by registering for all 3 or 4 consecutive camps during the same week - that way you can drop off your kids in the morning (9am or 10am) then pick them up in the afternoon (3pm or 4pm).

  • Up to 3 hrs. before and after camp 'Child Monitoring/Supervision' is available upon request as a fee-based service. With that, you can drop off your kids as early as 6am and pick them up as late as 7pm depending on actual camp start/end hours. 

  • All camps during same week are held in the same classroom, you pick your children from where you dropped them off.

  • Students registered for more than one camp are encouraged to bring a lunch bag and/or snacks that do not need refrigeration. Lunch time is flexible

  • Students taking advantage of the before and after camp 'Child Monitoring/Supervision' service are encouraged to bring coloring books, reading materials, game consoles, and other parent-approved materials to be used while waiting for start of camp or pick up.

  • Drop off and pick takes place within a 10-min transition window between classes (5 minutes before and 5 minutes after the official start of each camp).


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