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Rule The Interconnected IOT World Of Tomorrow!



Meet the newest "Advanced Technologies 4or Kids" STEM program for the Greater Pittsburgh area! Our local "Internet Of Things IOT" Summer Camp immerses your children into the world of tomorrow, where every single "thing" (countless gadgets and devices, appliances, vehicles) are permanently connected to the internet and in continuous communication with each other.


Since our kids will live in a world that will be, for all practical purposes, a gigantic, AI-powered network  of billions of interconnected "things" (smart beds, traffic lights, washing machines, smart sensors, store checkout registers) it is imperative that they understand it and learn how to take advantage of the opportunities that come with it.


Watch your children going through hours of fun activities while working on exciting "Internet Of Things IOT" projects that make the impossible look possible. Register your kids today for an extraordinary journey to becoming confident masters of mighty micro-controllers, clever programming, smart buttons, and absolutely incredible internet wizardry.

Get a taste of tomorrow - today! You are officially invited to an amazing presentation at the end of the summer camp where students will mesmerize their families, friends, and neighbors (and any pets that might be present) by summoning the mighty future.

Send your children to the future by reserving a seat now!

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