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A parents' and kids' favorite for the past six years!



Who knows? Maybe one of the young movie directors graduating from this super fun Summer Camp will someday wave happily from a big TV screen while holding an Academy Award!

A local kids' favorite every year, the "Animation For Kids" STEM program is offered in the Summer of 2019 at several locations in the Greater Pittsburgh Area and its surrounding communities.


Children learn how to make an animated movie, write their own story lines, draw their own storyboards, and work on character development, scene design and set up, and sound and video editing.


During the camp students develop their own blockbuster animated movies using Lego mini-figures, various creativity-boosting materials, and  inanimate characters brought to life by their limitless imagination.


Add the uncovering of the science behind those Hollywood-style special effects to the mix and it becomes clear why this Summer Camp is parents' best choice when it comes to STEAM programs that keep kids involved in exciting projects combining art and technology in a fun and relaxing way. 


This amazing Summer Camp ends with a Movie Festival where kids vote to decide which animation film has the most fans. All movies are uploaded into the cloud and will be available for sharing with family and friends everywhere. 


"Animation For Kids" Summer Camp memories last forever!

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