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Acquiring Skills For The 3rd Millennium = Summer Fun!



You've been warned: This is one of those super fun STEM summer camps where  students refuse to go home at the end of the week! "Augmented and Virtual Reality For Kids" is a favorite among summer science programs and after-school technology classes at many local schools in the Pittsburgh area and surrounding communities.  


Children experience the wonderful and limitless world of virtual reality and learn the basics of creating exciting simple VR content as well as exploring richer, more complex environments for advanced VR systems like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and many more, depending on individual skills and previous experience.

Unlimited fun through full immersion into countless virtual worlds along with systematic skill-building to meet the challenges of the third millennium; be a surgeon traveling inside the human body to inspect a blocked artery or a jet engine designer trying to figure out a more efficient way to guide the air flow inside the engine.


Simply the best summer camp for kids who like to explore and discover new worlds!

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