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"Advanced Technologies 4or Kids" STEM camps are week-long hands-on programs specially designed to enable young learners to explore advanced technologies of tomorrow, today!


While engaged in exciting science experiments and creative prototype-building projects, campers learn to plan, organize, deal with team mission setbacks, and collaborate with each other in order to make the seemingly impossible possible. 


  • Ages 7-12, no previous experience necessary.

  • Accepting beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

  • Students are evaluated on first day then assigned projects matching their experience, skills, and interest.



  • Each STEM CAMP consists of a total of FIVE sessions, one per day, Monday to Friday.

  • The length of each camp session is either 1.5 hrs (Robotics, 3-D Printing, Virtual Reality, Animated Movie, Electronics/Gadget Hacking, Video Game Design, Mobile App Design)  or 3 hrs (Drone Design, Internet Of Things IOT).

  • Each year, a series of STEM WEEKS are offered in Spring and Summer. Each STEM WEEK consists of a lineup of three or four STEM CAMPS. The number of camps in a STEM WEEK varies depending on location/date.

  • Enroll in a single STEM CAMP if your child has a particularly strong, well defined interest (e.g. Robotics) or has other activities scheduled for the day. Pick any one of the three or four camps running consecutively during the same week.

  • Enroll in a STEM WEEK (all three or four camps scheduled during the same week) for an unforgettable full-day, full-week adventure exploring the amazing technologies of the future. Registering for an entire STEM WEEK has many advantages:

    • Convenience: Drop your children off in the morning, pick them up late afternoon.

    • Big Savings: Save at least $350! (compared to four single-camp fees)

  • All camps during same week are held in the same classroom, there is no need for students to move to another classroom during the breaks between camps.



  • 10-min breaks between camps (5 minutes before and 5 minutes after the official start of each camp).

  • Students registered for more than one camp are encouraged to bring a lunch bag and/or snacks that do not need refrigeration.

  • Lunch break time is flexible and can be set by parents (20 minutes by default).

  • Campers enrolled in before- and/or after-camp Child Care are encouraged to bring extra snacks

  • All camps during same week are held in the same classroom, there is no need for students to move to another classroom during the breaks between camps.




  • Save at least $350 by registering for all (3 or 4) camps during the same week.

  • To encourage girls' participation in STEM programs, we offer an extra 10% off (in addition to any other discount available at registration time) when two or more girls are registering at the same time, for the same camps. The extra 10% discount is activated at the end of the camp and is given as a partial refund, equal to 10% of the amount paid at registration time.



  • For campers enrolled in single camps, drop off and pick up take place during the 10-min breaks between camps (5 minutes before and 5 minutes after the official start of each camp).

  • Campers must be picked up promptly at the end of camp. Please purchase "Time Credits" if you need before/after-camp care, read more about it in the section below.

  • All camps during same week are held in the same classroom, there is no need for students to move to another classroom during the breaks between camps.



Up to 3 hours before/after camp child care is available for your convenience, as a fee-based service. By purchasing "Time Credits" as needed, you can drop off your kids as early as 6 am and pick them up as late as 7 pm, depending on actual camp start/end hours. More >>>



  • Ours is the best STEM instructor ever! [at least according to what kids say at the end of the last day of camp :)]

  • Sorin Achim is an internationally-recognized robotics researcher and educator. He has developed the "Advanced Technologies 4or Kids" program and is our Principal Instructor. More >>>

  • All required PA clearances are current and available upon request.

  • First Aid trained.




  • While camp cancellations have been extremely rare, Pittsburgh.CAMP reserves the right, at its discretion, to cancel any program. Camps may be cancelled due to low enrollment numbers or other unforeseen circumstances that might affect students' camp experience including local or national emergencies.

  • Camp fees will be fully refunded within 6 to 8 business days from cancellation date. 



We offer a limited number of full scholarships every year. To learn more about the process of applying for a scholarship please contact us.



  • We offer exciting STEM programs at various locations in the city of Pittsburgh and throughout Allegheny County, Monroeville, North Hills, South Hills, Cranberry Township, McMurray, Peters Twp, Mt. Lebanon, Upper St Clair, Fox Chapel Area School District, Sewickley, Wexford, and many other communities in South Western Pennsylvania.

  • Bring the best STEM programs for kids to your location: all you need to provide is a room with tables and chairs for up to 14 persons - we bring the fun and everything else!



"Advanced Technologies 4or Kids" STEM camps have been enjoyed by hundreds of girls of elementary and middle school age. To encourage enrollment of girls in our programs, we offer an additional discount when two or more girls register at the same time, for the same camp(s). Find out more >>>



We are extremely grateful to the many local and regional organizations and businesses that have hosted our STEM programs for children. Among them:

  • Penn State University

  • North Catholic High School

  • Mount Lebanon Montessori

  • Montessori Children's Community


  • Marriott Hotels

  • Union Project

  • Keystone Oaks Middle School


  • Cranberry Parks And Recreation

  • Lauri Ann West Community Center

    O'Hara Township

  • Pivik Elementary School

    Plum, PA 

  • Monroeville Mall

  • Amelia A. Paré

    Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 

  • O'Hara Elementary

  • Leetsdale Borough, PA



Hard to beat the amazing STEM camps lined up for the summer of 2019 but check out these additional summer programs to be added in 2020:



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