2020 super STEM 4 KIDS

New in 2020: SUPER STEM Summer Camps
More locations, 12 adventure-filled camps!
Designed for kids: With a new focus on discovery-based learning, building self-confidence, and acquiring project planning skills, students' creative potential is brought forward through challenging team missions and projects that will guide them towards finding surprising new applications for each of the advanced technologies that they explore this summer: Holography, Drone Design, Life Under A Microscope, 3-D Design & Printing, Video Game Design, IOT (Internet Of Things), Animation Movie Studio For Kids, Mobile App Design, Electronics And Gadget Hacking For Kids, and more.
Designed with parents in mind: Lower enrollment fees (from $695 down to only $495), extended hours (last year 10am-4pm, this summer 9am-5pm), optional before/after camp prepaid care, flexible drop-off and pick-up times. No other local or regional STEM summer camp can match this incredible offer!
Find out more about the NEW 2020 SUPER STEM Summer Camp: full description, calendar, locations, and ways to enroll  >>>

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